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Why Choose MM10 Football Academy Academy as a Center of Excellence

Not all Soccer Clubs are created equal


UEFA Certified Head-Coach

Head-Coach Matteo Massaro is probably the only UEFA Certified coach training children in Malaysia


Opportunity to Play in Europe

Our collaboration with MV8 Club in Spain grants an opportunity for your child to play in Europe


Online Soccer University

Instead of mindlessly browsing Internet your child can now have access to the digital soccer course

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What the Parents Say

Recommend it to all! Instructor’s effort, attitude, diligence, hard-work and expertise are the reasons we chose this academy. We respect Coach Matteo. He is a great inspiration to my son.

Jeon Sang Mi (Korea) Lee Ho Jin

I'm a big football fan and during my trip to Malaysia with my son, he attended private sessions with Coach Matteo at the MM10 Football Academy. The program was a great way to learn about football from a very experienced and patient coach. My son was excited - he learned a lot of new skills and we plan on going back to the academy for more training next time we're in Malaysia.

Damien Malone Ollie

During our short trip to Malaysia, Ali had the opportunity to work with Coach Matteo at MM10 Football Academy. He is a great coach and he helped Ali get better at football. He also got to meet new friends. I will definitely bring him back for more coaching sessions.

Wissam Ali

Taavi’s experience with Coach Matteo has been a great one. As a dad I am looking back myself to 40 years of active soccer playing and I really and honestly believe that Coach Matteo has a great talent of coaching soccer. He shows profound knlowledge of the game and has a way to motivate and encourage the kids to learn and aspire for the maximum. In Malaysia, where soccer coaching unfortunaltely is still not getting the professional attention it should get, Coach Matteo is a an outstanding example of the opposite. I truly believe that soccer career starts at a very young age by teaching and conveying the fun of the game, the team spirit but also the skills and ambitions of the game. I wish I had a coach at that age like Coach Matteo, but am even more grateful that my son Taavi got to enjoy the training of such a talent in coaching. He has a phenomenal ability to review a player’s strengths and weaknesses, to set expectations with a player and set goals that are achievable within the player’s current skill level. This is Matteos’ focus. Thanks for bringing the fun of the game to my son Taavi.

Taavi was actually training with Coach Matteo prior to the opening of MM10 and never wanted to train with anybody else!

I can absolutely recommend MM10 and Coach Matteo to anyone who enjoys the game and wants to achieve the next level of skills. I have no hesitations to encourage any parents to enroll with MM10 because of the fantastic spirit and great learning attitude conveyed by Coach Matteo. At the end of the day, it is about the qualification and talent of the Coach that can 100% be trusted that the game of soccer is learned in the right way from the very beginning.

Bert Jaeger (Germany) Taavi

I am a big fan of football and so is my son. He has been playing for years. He always wanted to play professionally but never had the chance. That is why we decided to enrol in MM10 Football Academy. Coach Matteo is a great coach and he helps my son improve his skills on the field. He also has a lot of experience working with young players. This has allowed him to help my son improve his game in all facets of the sport.

Jason William

I found the training that provided by Coach Matteo is truly a unique one. He's the only coach I've seen who emphasizes on "Awareness." He never failed to provide an environment where a player can develop, be creative, and play without having the pressure of making mistakes. He has truly inspired my son to become a better player and built his confidence. I'm indeed grateful to Coach Matteo for his continuous support and guidance. Thanks.

Kevin Tan (Malaysia) Oscar Tan

We've been with Matteo since the very beginning (even before MM10 was formed) and he's been coaching my son for years. There is a reason for it.

Just like every decent parent, I want the best for my children.

Coach Matteo is not only extremely skilled football player with the actual experience playing in Major European football clubs (I doubt any coach in Malaysia comes even close) and a certified trainer (also, not sure if there are any coaches with this level of credentials) but, what's just as important - he's great around children, extremely caring and can find the right balance between the discipline and fun.

My son is so excited to train and especially attend matches, he'd be willing to get up in the middle of the night 🙂 And, to give you a perspective - we once attended another club's trial class and he was totally disappointed, so it's not just because of the passion for football...

Both I and my son are die-hard MM10 fans and if you're on the fence - don't hesitate to contact the coach and give it a try.If you are anything like me - you'll be happy you did. Should you need to verify the testimonial, feel free to look me up in the social media and I'll confirm that every word here was written by me personally and is not by any means exaggerated.

Thanks, Coach Matteo. Go MM10!

Uldis Zalcmanis (Latvia) Henry Zalcmanis


My son has been training with Coach Matteo since he was 5, and I'm very happy with the results.

My husband was impressed with coach Matteo so we agreed to sign him up.

I'd absolutely recommend Coach Matteo and MM10 academy to everyone

Eva Henry

Mm10 academy is a good football academy. Coach Matteo is special. His training improved my sons abilities and coordination in football.

It's different from the rest. It's a Spanish football training. It's not only focused on winning but developing correct skills abilities and experience

Yes it's a fun and committed group of young players and coach Matteo is very committed to the team and his academy.

I am absolutely in love with the MM10 Football Academy. It has been a great experience for me and my nephew. I am still amazed at how much he has learned since starting the program. The coach Matteo is very dedicated to their players, which is something I really appreciate.

Derren Joseph David

My son Abbas was so lucky because he got the opportunity to be trained by coach Matteo. The coaching style was totally new to Abbas. It focussing more to personal skills and technics, which I think it is a most important thing need to be mastered by any football players. Abbas really enjoy got trained by coach Matteo. He learned a lot of new things, especially for his individual skills. Thanks, coach. All the best.

Because when I watched the tournament videos of MM10 Academy team, I can most of the players were very good with their foot skills.

Of course, this MM10 Academy is highly recommended because of the unique coaching styles and because of nice & friendly coach too.😀

Bard (Terengganu, Malaysia) Abbas Hisham

I believe this training will form the great foundation for the future.

I especially appreciate the way of teaching.

Chizu Kobayashi (Japan) Yuta Kobayashi

I signed my cousin up for MM10 Football Academy to work on his skills and get some one-on-one coaching. Coach Matteo is really knowledgeable and teaches the kids a lot of new techniques. My cousin has learned a lot from him and he loves going to practice!

Caleb Joshua Lim


When I noticed that my daughter had a talent in football, I decided to browse the websites looking for a club where she could pursue and sharpen her skills ...and among the few that I saw, MM10 ACADEMY was the only one that caught my eye and stood out among the rest. I knew I had to call and find out more and that's exactly what I did.. I spoke to COACH MATTEO MASSARO and I was very impressed to know that he was a professional player before he became a full-time coach. I was sceptical at first before I made the call, as I was afraid that he would refuse to accept my daughter as he has no girls in his academy yet. After our conversation, he allowed me to bring my daughter for a day trial with him. Now, she has been with him training for 6 months and I can honestly see the progress and skills that she has acquired from him up to this date. I am very grateful that he took her in and with that I can proudly say that he has changed my daughter's life in the FOOTBALL era! I was very impressed to know that being in this academy, she could actually go very far, learning great skills that no other can give and the opportunity to go abroad... WOW!! what more a child aka.. player would want or ask for! thumbs up!!

I chose MM 10 ACADEMY as I know for a fact, the skills that she has learned and is still learning are very much different from anywhere that I have seen. Very impressive.. he doesn't push her neither does he raise his voice at any moment. His patience and the rapport he's got with my daughter is what I like the most... COACH MATTEO MASSARO doesn't believe in shouting and I have never heard him give any negative remarks when the players do not perform. He is a motivator and that's why I am very happy to be here. My daughter enjoys and loves every moment of her training...

I would definitely recommend to anyone out there who is looking to pursue their child's talent, this academy would be the best academy to look into and the best opportunity that any child can have...

Victoria Valerie Boudeville Tia Danielle Theseira

I was looking for a professional coach, with real-time game experience for my son, who could quickly assess my son's capabilities and guide him. Coach Matteo was a perfect fit, as he was willing to devote personal time, had the relevant experience and was enthusiastically willing to assess my son. He was highly recommended by a few people I contacted in Malaysia before I finalised. It was crucial for me to get the right coach for my son, as I was travelling from India for this very purpose - to expose my son to some good quality coaching. It turned out to be a very fruitful engagement.

It was a very enriching experience for my son, who picked up new skills and knowledge under Coach Matteo's personal training. While my son has been coached in India under professionals, he plays in the club and at state level games, I was keen for some good quality personal training by an expert coach, and hence we zeroed in on Coach Matteo while we were in KL for 10 days. Matteo is quite accomplished in the game and a qualified Coach. It showed while he trained my son. He was a thorough professional during the engagement, and elaborately organised and conducted the personal training. I believe his deep knowledge of the game stems from his experience of playing in Europe. Apart from just training, Coach took a personal interest in guiding my son for his future career - this was very heart-warming and beneficial! My son thoroughly enjoyed this exposure and experience. He also enjoyed Coach's brief company, as Matteo is a very positive and jovial as a person. I would highly recommend Matteo to anyone who is looking for a good Coach!

Chaitanya Prakash (India) Ahan Prakash

MM10 Football Academy Promise Group Players

These are the same young upcoming football legends you've seen competing in AirAsia KL Junior Football League and more... haven't seen yet? Check out our videos!





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