Matteo Massaro

With the Passion For Soccer

The MM10 Academy is a state-of-the-art football academy located in Petaling Jaya (Selangor), Malaysia. It was founded by former footballer Matteo Massaro.

The academy is dedicated to coaching young players as a way to help the process of developing their skills with ball mastery, dribbling and 1vs1. We care deeply about football, and we are aware of the profound impact sports can have on the quality of life.


Coaching for Greatness

Matteo Massaro is the founder of the MM10 Academy. In fact, the academy takes its name from the initials of his name and from the shirt number he wore as an active player. Massaro is an Italian former professional footballer who played, among other teams, for the FSV Mainz 05 U21 team (at the time coached by Jürgen Klopp), for the Eintracht Frankfurt U21 team and for Italian club Pordenone Calcio. After retiring in 2004, his love for football brought him to obtain a UEFA C License in 2006 and a UEFA B License in 2009, besides  Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma. Massaro now has years of experience as a coach, especially of very young players he puts all his passion, with a motivational and knowledgeable approach. He acts as friend and mentor to the players he coaches, encouraging them to fulfil their potential with empathy and sensibility.

Among his areas of competence are injury prevention and management, nutrition, and psychology applied to football.


"Matteo naturally left-footed, however, he was comfortable using either foot and often began dribbling with his left foot. He possessed an excellent first touch, creative and very skilful with dribbling, ball control and balance as well as his ability beat opponents when he was in Mainz. Technically he gifted with dribbling skills!"


Mohammed Muftawu

"Matteo has been described as a player who was skilful and intelligent on the ball. He's creative forward, or fantasista, in Italian, and his best technical qualities are his trapping skills, control, dribbling and crossing ability."


Mario Vrančić

"Matteo was skilful by nature, his tricks are unparalleled and he's wonderful with the ball at his feet. He's one of the coolest players in pressure situations and a fast, brash, skilful, tricky and uninhibited playmaker. He began playing football on the street just like many others, usually with a makeshift ball. He used to play with anything, with any round thing he could find, and whenever he managed to get hold of a ball, that was a bonus and he was amazing!"


Damir Vrančić


No matter which program they are in, we promise certain things to our players:


We promise to take care of the physical development and well-being of our players. This means we will focus on the correct nutrition and injury prevention.

Communication Skills

We promise to take care of the social and interpersonal skills of our players. This means we will ensure a positive environment where communication is fundamental, we will ensure that all interactions remain respectful, and we will build team spirit and collaborative spirit.

Psychological Development

We promise to take care of the psychological development and well-being of our players. This means we will focus on their motivation, and encourage them to cultivate precious mental skills by themselves while guiding them through it.


We promise a modern, healthy, well-thought approach to football coaching. We want to help our youth players to reach great results in football, and see them become top-level footballers. Our academy is in a partnership with the excellent Sevilla-based MV8 Academy.



When you undertake something as difficult and rewarding as coaching football to young people, you should have clearly defined objectives in your mind. We do indeed!

In time, the highest goal we would like to reach is to see one (or more!) of our academy players wearing the shirt of a top European club.

We are quite aware of how difficult this is to achieve, but we believe it's a concrete possibility. We believe that through a positive environment, a modern approach to football coaching, and the focus on the right mindset, we can put our players on their way to becoming top footballers. This goal is made easier by our valuable collaboration with the MV8 Academy.

The selection process for high-level football can be brutal and harsh, but we will help our academy players face it with the right frame of mind. We will do that by emphasizing the right priorities and by reaffirming one concept: not everyone can be a top footballer, but everyone can play football, have fun and lead a healthy lifestyle. Football is beautiful at every level.

We want to achieve these goals but this does not mean we are ready to sacrifice our values and beliefs to do so. In fact, we think the approach outlined in the linked page will help us reach our goals, especially the easiest and most valuable one; seeing our youth players apply the personal, interpersonal and teamwork skills that they learnt to their daily life!


Since teaching anything to young people is delicate, important matter, our academy is based on a few fundamental values, a sort of ethical framework that guides us in this task.

We believe that:

  • Football is a great way of ensuring everyone's social inclusion and participation to the community life.

  • Football helps young people to stay away from unhealthy or dangerous environments and practices.

  • Body and mind can collaborate and help each other, or they can each be an obstacle for the other. Our role is to help our players reach a good harmony in these two connected factors.

  • As educators of young people, we first and foremost have to help them grow into well-rounded, happy adults. We aim to do that through football.

  • Parent's pushing their children is detrimental to their development.

  • Through football, we can and will promote inclusion and understanding between people from different backgrounds, cultures, etc.

  • Football includes physical, technical, tactical psychological and other factors. We want to cultivate all of them in our players, improving their knowledge of all the aspects that make up this sport.

  • Football, like all sports, improves your life: better interpersonal skills, a healthier lifestyle, better decision-making processes, and the ability to set and reach goals.

Following on these values we believe we will able to reach our own goals, and to better guide our players in their growth. According to the beliefs outlined above, and to our own experience in football playing and coaching, we will teach our youth players that:

  • Having talent does not mean you can get by without passion, training, dedication and abnegation.

  • In a team sport, teamwork comes first, what's better for the team comes first.

  • Respect for yourself, your body, your teammates, the rules, and the other team, they all help you win and enjoy football.

  • Individual skills should always be valued and cultivated, but not only to shine personally, also to benefit the team.

  • Even in case of success, football is not a substitute for a well-rounded education. Rather, it can be an integral part of it.

  • Passion should not lead to aggression, competitiveness should not lead to disrespect, and wanting to win should not lead to cheating.


Your Child Deserves the Opportunity

Our Programs

The MM10 Academy offers two different coaching programs:

The Promise Program

Designed specifically for youth players of great talent, who aspire to become top footballers and to reach a European club. Their minds need guidance, their abilities need nurturing, and we will provide them. For the players enrolled in this program, the MM10 Academy will focus on their specific goals, especially the skill set and mindset needed to succeed in football.

The Happy Feet Program

This program is designed for players that want to improve their footballing skills with a light-hearted approach, without a specific goal in mind. Football is first and foremost a way to have fun, and not everyone wants to make a career out of it. In this program the MM10 Academy will help the players grow and develop better skills, but with a less rigorous coaching structure.